Product guide 2018 online

OUTDOOR DANGEROUS GOODS STORES - DRUMS > > Efficient loading and unloading with

full side access bi-folding doors allowing for damage free forklift access > > All product is forklift accessible at all times giving efficient stock control > > ISO locking bars and cam locks maintain high security > > All units designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards > > Hi-build 2 pack polyurethane coating gaining improved protection against climatic factors and splashes and spills > > Galvanised steel frame construction designed to suit all Australian environmental conditions > > Heavy duty anchoring and earth bonding base plates > > Units are cyclone proof with engineered footing details provided > > Efficient, effective and a more economical alternative to permanent buildings > > Fully relocatable, giving the flexibility needed for changing circumstances

PR01 > > Storage capacity 850 litre/ 1 pallet capacity > > External dimensions: 1715mmH x 1540mmW x 1440mmD

PR02 > > Storage capacity 1650 litre/2 pallet capacity > > External dimensions: 1715mmH x 2790mmW x 1440mmD > > 8 x 205 Litre

PR08 > > Storage capacity 560 litre/ 8 pallet capacity > > External dimensions: 2840mmH x 5365mmW x 1440mmD > > Internal dimensions: 2325mmH x 5000mmW x 1225mmD > > 32 x 205 Litre/ 8 pallet capacity


PR24D Double depth storage > > Storage capacity 9840 litre/ 12 pallet capacity > > External dimensions: 2840mmH x 7990mmW x 2660mmD > > Internal dimensions: 2325mmH x 7700mmW x 1250mmD > > 24 Pallets

Note: The Sitecraft range of relocatable dangerous goods storage units are manufactured to comply with the relevant standards. Full compliance with the relevant standards and regulations is dependant on correct positioning of the unit. As this is beyond the manufacturer/ supplier’s control the end user must ensure that all regulations and requirements of the relevant standards are followed. Sitecraft always recommends that a site approval be obtained from the regulatory authority prior to positioning of the unit on site.

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