Movexx Powered Tugs Brochure

Waste & Facility In each market segment there is waste and refuse for disposal. Moving and disposing of waste in the safest and in the most efficient way can be a challenge for any company or organisation. Movexx can help solve this with their comprehensive range of powered equipment. Multiple bins can now be moved easily and safely. Movexx tugs are widely used to move rubbish and waste bins around facilities and grounds in many market sectors. A wide range of innovative attachments allow multiple bins to be moved together including 240 litre, 660 litre and 1100 litre bins.

Previously, it was only possible to move one roll container at a time

Airports Movexx tugs can be seen in use in many airports around the globe. Nowhere are luggage and goods moved around more than at international airports. Movexx has produced several innovative solutions to enable the safe and easy movement of goods and luggage around outdoor and terminal areas. The T1000 and T2000 platform machines have been equiped with remote radio control to allow the safe operation with only one staff member.

Hospitality & Events Hospitality is a co ordinated set of activities that includes professionally hosting guests. During an event, you want to focus on what is important at that moment. You need to be certain that the logistics flow is fast and efficient. The trolleys with drinks, laundry trolleys and other rolling stock should simply be in place when you expect them to be. Movexx is your ideal partner in this. We ensure that your staff can transport several trolleys at the same time, without physical strain. As you take care of your guests? We take care of you!

Food & Pharma

High quality finished and sealed stainless steel equipment are essential for clean room operations. Movexx has developed a series of clean room machines for the pharmaceautical and food manufacturing sectors. The laser welding technologies ensures all welds and seams are to the highest grade, enabling them to be used with confidance in these demanding situations.


Movexx powered towing tugs are widely used across all industry sectors. The comprehensive range of pedestrian tow tugs available means that there is a model to suit most tasks in various workplaces. Powered towing tugs have compact design, low maintenance electric motors, long battery life and fast recharging. Movexx machines can be used by any worker to tow or push loaded trolleys or rolling loads with minimal physical effort.


A healthy and ergonomically safe work environment is of vital importance in hospitals and and the aged care sector. There is always the challenge of manourvering heavy hospital beds in difficult spaces and areas. Movexx has developed a universal bed mover, by which a large number of bed types can be safely and efficiently moved. This helps lighten the load and help prevent work related injuries. Working more efficiently as a result.

The roll containers are now moved efficiently and in an ergonomic conscious way

Retail & Distribution E commerce sales are constantly rising, thereby the need for smart logistics is ever increasing. Movexx has developed innovative solutions to enable the requirement, to move increasing amounts of goods and products in warehouses and fulfilment areas. This includes T1000 and the T1500 with custom designed gripping heads for the quick and easy hitching and un-hitching of material handling distribution trolleys.

The puller is that easy-to-use; everyone can work with it instantly


We are committed to providing quality materials handling solutions designed to address the objectives of a safer workplace, along with increased productivity and efficiency. Sitecraft utilises its global sourcing opportunities and its local expertise to deliver real results and proven business benefits.

HISTORY Sitecraft is a dynamic

THE SITECRAFT ADVANTAGE We have the resources and contacts to bring innovative solutions fromaround the world to theAustralianmarket. Our commitment to supplying fit for purpose equipment brings a strong customer focused culture to the organisation. Our product mix and upgrade options have been born out of recognised needs, we listen to what we hear fromour customers and our product o ering is shaped accordingly. We are committed to working closely with our customers, building andmaintaining mutually beneficial, long term relationships. Our mission is underpinned by our values of integrity and total customer satisfaction.

business that is recognised as an industry leader. Since it was founded in 1992 we have provided products and services to a broad range of industry sectors including; Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution, Mining, Defence, and Government Organisations. Recent strategic acquisitions and affiliations have given Sitecraft a global footprint and enhanced our

CUSTOMER SERVICE Phone1300 363 152 Fax 1300 722 383 MELBOURNE 17 Macquarie Drive ThomastownVIC 3074 BRISBANE Level 36, Riparian Plaza 71 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000 SYDNEY 65Atkins Rd Ermington NSW2115 CANBERRA Level 9, Nishi 2 Phillip Law Street NewActonACT 2600 ADELAIDE Level 30,Westpac House 21 KingWilliamStreet Adelaide SA 5000

ability to provide an even greater level of customer service nationally.

Sitecraft has achieved certification from SAI Global for Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Occupational Health and Safety (AS 4801) and Environmental Management System certification (ISO14001) These three standards provide Sitecraft with a structured management system that supports the organizations commitment to adopt best practices in every area of its operations.

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